Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Audioboo - A podcasting tool



Audioboo is a nice webpage that allow students to record their voice and upload it on the internet, shared through itunes and twitter. I would like to introduce you to the idea of podcasting. Podcasting is a recorded audio that is shared through internet for anyone to listen to. It use a similar concept of radio show where there is a speaker and audience to listen to the podcast.

Whenever there is a real audience, there is a tendency for the speaking activity to be real and meaningful to the students. This is how audioboo benefit english language learners. It function as an audio social network where internet users could listen and comment on students recorded voice.

Podcasting is an interesting concept that may benefit language learners. In English learning, getting the students to use the language is important for students to acquire the language  naturally. It can be set as a homework, to get the students to speak about a certain topic. Using audioboo, students might be more concious of their own pronunciation after listening to the recording, due to the fact that it is published in the internet (which mean, it is accessible for every one). They have the tendency to speak correctly, with extra attention to the grammar and right use of vocabulary.


Topic: Audioboo in language learning
Speaker: Myself


  1. Start recording OR Sign up - via Twitter  or e-mail adress.  
  2. Click the 'Make the recording/Upload file' button.
  3. Start recording OR upload the audio file (if you prefer to record your voice using other recording tool, rather than audioboo)
  4. Add title, (required) tags, and picture (optional).
  5. Publish

  1. An audio social network - It works almost like other social network (facebook, twitter, etc) where you could add you twitter/facebook friends and comment on each other podcast. 
  2. Comment - Your comment can be in the form of audio or typed, encourage communicative language.
  3. Similar properties as youtube - you could search for related audio and visit the uploader's page for more audios.
  4. Shared - The audio can be shared on itunes and twitter account - invite more audience.
  5. Keeping in touch with others - You could follow others or being followed to keep in touch with the uploader's latest podcast.  
  6. Embedded function - you may want to embedd the audio to your own website or blog. 
  7. Email  the podcast to others - If you wanted someone who does not have an account to view your audio, you could email them the link.

  1. Limited time for recording - you have to pay for longer recording. 
  2. May not be of interest of some students - they would enjoy pictures and words, rather than listening to a podcast. 


Initially, the speaking may be scripted and not using real language. Regardless, it is a good start to get the student to speak. It is better than no speaking at all. It is a nice oppurtunity to have a go on it. For example, teachers could have students comment the content in the classroom through audioboo, rather than directly give their opinon on the subject matter. It allow a passive students to involve as well.

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