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WHAT is a Franch webpage where it provide interactive tool for learning language. It provides you with all kind of interesting language activities suuch as listening activity, mix and match, reading, language games and comprehension check. It comes with attractive sound and nice graphic.

This is a very good website for young learners because it contents that is cute and colourful, which make it approachable to the learners. It is also motivating for it interesting background and for language learning, motivation is what keep the students engage to the learning. 

Some of the tasks are repeated, which in my opinion a good approach. Drilling may not be a fashionable teaching method but it could benefit students to some extents. If the grammar is present repeatedly, students have the tendency to remember better.


As you could see, it is using bright colours to attract younger learners especially with an interesting sound. There few infos regarding this site:
  • Students level - The upper right hand side button is for the students age and you could choose the proficiency level appropriate for the intended group of students. 
    • Web infos - In the middle, the links there will direct you to the information about the webpage and some teachers and students guide. Unfortunately, it is in French. 
      • Level content - There is also an information about the content for each level, where if you clicked it, it will direct you to this page. It provides you with the content for each level which include lexical, grammar and cultural references.

        • Printable document - If you look at the P button, it will direct you to the list    of printable documents. 
        • The H button will direct you to the homepage.


        Topic - 'In the Park'
        Level - level 2/easy
        • It requires student to click on the image of what is referred by the sentence. It will make chime sound for correct answer and monkey sound for wrong answer.

        • Further, it then require students to answer yes or no question.
        • The questions started to become more complicated where it requires students to type the answer. If there is a mistake, a rule (not in English) will pop out saying how should students use 'is' and 'are' in a sentence. Spelling mistake will be counted as a mistake.

        • In the next level, it requires student to fill in the correct answer for the usage of 'a' and 'some'
        • Then, the use of 'there is' and 'there are'
        • Practising the use of ' not a...' and '...are not any...'. Students will have to type the whole sentence in the box. Example is provided.

        • At the end of the unit, mark is given which is counted base on the frequency of mistakes done by the students.

        1. Interesting - interesting use of graphic, presentation and sound. 
        2. Interactive
        3. Diferrent level - It carters students with different level of proficiency. (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
        4. Various topics - There are many topics provided such as environment to world knowledge ()
        5. Skills development - There is reading and listening activities for language enhancement. Spelling and vocabulary is stressed.
        6. Rule presentation - The rule or grammar is presented before the exercise. It gives student general idea of how a grammar is used before practising. 
        7. Printable handout - For teachers as classroom activities or students if they preferred paper rather than on screen exercises. 
        8. Easy and Free - It is acessible for everyone and anywhere.  

        1. Practical issues - some task does not allow users to go to the previous page or skip a sub-task. Users may stuck in a question and could not skip the part. 
        2. Not attractive for adult learners - Though there are suitable for different level of proficiency, the task type (e.g. gaps fill, click the right answers, etc) is not challenging enough. 

        It may not be challenging enough for adult learners but it provides a very good oppurtunity for younger learners. They learn in a simple and fun environment (by clicking, typing etc) that would give less pressure in learning. It is worth to give it a try.

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